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Angel Island State Park

Angel Island State Park stands as a striking feature in the San Francisco Bay, rich with historical significance and natural beauty. It provides a picturesque escape from the urban sprawl and offers visitors a chance to immerse in California’s diverse history. The island has been a fishing and hunting site for the Coast Miwok Native Americans, a military fortification, a public health service quarantine station, and an immigration station.


Angel Island’s recorded history dates back over 3,000 years when it was used by the Coast Miwok for fishing and hunting. In the early 19th century, the island became a cattle ranch and then later served different military purposes. From the Civil War through the Cold War, the island housed forts, an infantry garrison, and missile sites.

Perhaps most notably, from 1910 to 1940, the island was the site of an Immigration Station, sometimes referred to as the “Ellis Island of the West.” Here, many immigrants, mostly from China, were detained and interrogated under the Chinese Exclusion Act. The poetry they carved into the walls remains as a poignant reminder of their experiences.

After the closure of the immigration station, the island continued to serve various military purposes until it was declared a state park in 1955.


  • Size: Angel Island encompasses about 740 acres.
  • Highest Point: Mount Caroline Livermore, with a peak at 788 feet.
  • Immigration Station History: Over one million immigrants were processed through the immigration station.
  • Military History: The island has remnants of military installations from several historical periods, including the Civil War and World War II.


The park is located in the San Francisco Bay, within Marin County. It is situated roughly one mile south of the Tiburon Peninsula. Visitors can reach the island by ferry from San Francisco, Tiburon, or Vallejo.

Website Link

For more detailed information, maps, and updates on Angel Island State Park, please visit the official website: California State Parks – Angel Island.

Opening Hours

The park is open every day from 8:00 AM to sunset. The ferry schedules vary depending on the season and weather conditions, so it’s essential to check the latest timings before planning your visit.

Things to Do

  1. Hiking: With miles of hiking trails, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the San Francisco skyline, the Marin County Headlands, and Mount Tamalpais.
  2. Biking: Bring your bike or rent one to explore the island’s numerous trails.
  3. Historical Tours: Guided tours of the Immigration Station and other historical sites offer a deep dive into the island’s past.
  4. Picnicking: There are several picnic areas with outstanding views, perfect for a family outing.
  5. Camping: Experience the unique opportunity of camping on the island, with sites offering stunning views of the Bay.
  6. Fishing: With a valid California fishing license, visitors can fish in the waters around Angel Island.
  7. Wildlife Viewing: The park is home to diverse wildlife, including deer, raccoons, and numerous bird species.

Tips For Visiting

  • Check Ferry Schedules: Make sure to check the ferry times for the day of your visit and plan to arrive early, as the last ferry does not depart late.
  • Pack Accordingly: Weather on the island can change rapidly, so bring layered clothing.
  • Food and Water: There are limited food services on the island, so pack a lunch and bring plenty of water.
  • Stay on Designated Trails: To protect the island’s ecosystems, visitors should stay on marked trails.
  • Reserve in Advance: If you plan to camp, make sure to reserve your campsite well in advance.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: You’ll likely do a lot of walking, so comfortable footwear is essential.
  • No Smoking: Smoking is not allowed on the island to prevent wildfires.
  • Take Only Pictures: Leave the natural environment as you find it, taking only memories and photographs home.


Angel Island State Park offers a unique blend of historical significance and natural beauty. Whether you’re a history buff, outdoor enthusiast, or just looking for a peaceful retreat away from the city, the park provides a diverse array of activities and sights. With each visit, you can uncover a new layer of its multifaceted history and enjoy the serene environment that makes Angel Island a cherished part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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